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Aqua Aerobics
For a tonic and relaxing activity at the same time, opt for water aerobics! Thanks to the pressure of the water, which requires much more effort, half an hour of water exercises corresponds to one hour and a half of ground gymnastics! Not to mention the draining and soothing effect of water.
It is an aquatic sport that is practiced on an "exercise bike" or aquabike immersed and fixed in the water.
- Sport that improves endurance, aquabiking allows to work the cardiovascular system.
- The movements of the water provide a draining massage excellent for blood circulation: ideal for people prone to heavy legs, or to remove the orange peel or cellulite on the thighs
This is a new water sport that is not only good for the body but also for the mind. In fact, this sport will get you fit, increase your flexibility and strengthen your abdominal muscles while having great fun. From a psychological perspective, apnea, the technique of holding your breath, is used a lot. And so, in order to stay longer under the water, being able to relax, let go, find your self-confidence and stay calm are essential elements.
Multi-aquatic activities
Aucun stages multi-activités aquatique prévus pour le moment....
Sports swimming
Pour tous ceux et celles qui souhaitent continuer à parfaire leur technique dans les 4 nages (dauphin, dos, brasse et crawl) et à acquérir de l'endurance, de la vitesse.
Mais sans but de compétition : du loisir, rien que du loisir
Swimming is about moving, exercising, having fun, feeling free, being happy, having self-confidence and living: Swimming is life itself!
Swimming is a complete sport that solicits all the muscles of the body and develops endurance. It also solicits harmoniously the respiratory and pulmonary system. It allows the joints to be relieved of the limited body weight on the joints.

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